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Government Regulations Drive Renewed Interest in XDOC EDM

Posted: June 12, 2012

(EDM) for Mortgage Most of the "buzz" generated at the recent Mortgage Technology Show was driven by current regulations which are focusing renewed interest in document management platforms. XDOC CEO Traci Basil says the excitement coincides with a growing majority of OEM partners that are choosing to deploy XDOC's EDM platform to power the EDM engine in their Loan Origination Solution (LOS).

 According to the CEO of an OEM providing industry leading loan origination software (LOS) to mortgage companies for more than a decade, the XDOC for Mortgage has accelerated time-to-market and provides a competitive edge. XDOC helps end users save time, lower their expenses and reduce compliance risks without the complexities and constraints of legacy and repurposed systems.

OEM companies who provide LOS's are choosing the XDOC over in- house development because of user-friendly implementation, reduced time-to-market, and immediate results.

Lenders in the mortgage market seek the same competitive advantage; a solution to enable faster loan processing and better compliance controls. Many mortgage lenders are relying on outdated technology that often results in lost documents, process delays, and negatively affects the bottom line. In some cases, lost documents can present a security issue.

Today, more than at any time in the history of the mortgage industry, OEMs require an EDM platform designed specifically for their LOS solution. These companies cannot afford to gamble on technology that requires major changes to their existing platform, which could result in the system performing poorly or, even worse, producing inaccurate information.

With XDOC, all APIs and Tool Kits can be rapidly deployed without additional changes. The entire platform is geared exclusively to the OEM provider, providing for easy integration and development within their existing systems. XDOC continues to devote significant resources to provide upgrades which focus on the important issues of performance, speed and security of document deliveries.

These ongoing upgrades help support high-volume document workflows and allow deeper, more dynamic integration with loan origination systems.


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