DocbookMD is an enterprise-focused communication platform that helps healthcare payers and providers maximize operating efficiencies and better patient care outcomes.


About the company

The DocbookMD technology platform delivers messages, images, and other files across customized user group networks. External services are also able to deliver messages to DocbookMD users through APIs which enable outside systems to push messages to users. DocbookMD harnesses cloud-based and sponsored hierarchical directories. In addition, supplementary directories are available to list non-user entities like Pharmacies and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Customizable and intuitive features

- Active regional physician directory for your Enterprise
- Push notifications with customized, priority-specific ringtones
- Ability to set a time priority for urgent messages
- Sender notifications for unread urgent messages
- Enhanced notifications (email and text alerts) for unread messages
- Threaded messaging, forwarding, and time-stamped read receipts
- Ability to create customized CareTeams
- Local pharmacy directory
- Editable favorites list
- Ability to create sub-directories within the main directory (ex. cardiac wing, 5th floor nursing)
- External branding opportunities
- Collaborate with multiple users in predefined Distribution Lists
- Designed to supplant physical pagers, our OneWay Paging Console allows admins to message individuals or groups in your organization, while not allowing recipients to reply.

Exceeds HIPAA/HITECH standards while reducing security risks and enhancing communication

- Encrypted secure messaging - SSL, AES-256 bit encryption (text with image attachment)
- Message archive (encrypted secure cloud storage) at no extra cost
- Advanced user authentication (NIST level 2 equivalent)
- Business Associates Agreement for individuals
- Business Associates Agreement for enterprise clients

Integration and compatibility with other technology systems and existing BYOD policies

- Supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices and PC/Mac
- Multiple devices per user
- SaaS-based solution offering quick deployment and no significant IT integration costs
- Critical value reporting (HL7 and API integration to lab, radiology, pathology)
- Answering service integration (API and web portal options)
- Onboarding and training resources
- Documentation and EMR integration (custom on request)

Administrative control with on-site capabilities through simple to use admin panel

- Add/delete users
- Reset passwords
- Remote disable mobile device
- Set a mandatory pass code lock for a group
- Advanced reporting and analytics
- Edit/update physician and staff profiles.

DocbookMD was acquired from J & H Medsoft, LLC in 2016 and sold to Medici technologies in 2018.