FaxAgent is a secure, robust, high availability, low failure rate enterprise fax solution. that can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.


About the company

At first glance, the terms modern business and faxing may not logically belong together. However, more business and IT leaders understand that cloud-based fax is not only still relevant but also a growing phenomenon.

Today’s fax market action isn’t in the traditional realm of paper-based facsimile machines and dedicated phone lines. Instead, the same protocols and security characteristics of yesterday’s faxing have migrated to on-premises and cloud-based digital solutions, which eliminate a long list of fax shortcomings.

Indeed, three-quarters of the IT decision-makers who participated in a 2019 survey by IDG and OpenText reported that their fax volumes had increased in the prior two years. In addition, 86% of the survey respondents expected this growth to continue in the next two years.

And, within the existing fax volume (at least 9bn pages in healthcare alone), we are in the midst of a migration to digital faxing. Over two decades, FaxAgent has been proven to be a robust, high availability, low failure rate, Enterprise Fax Solution that can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. FaxAgent manages the complexities of fax delivery, while customers focus on the important aspects of their business.

Benefits of Enterprise Cloud Faxing

- Reduce operational costs.
- Ease of sharing information.
- Improved worker productivity.
- Reduce/eliminate human error.
- Reduce technology complexity.
- Ensure compliance and auditability.
- Enhance customer relationship.
- Improve visibility into processes.
- Data enters back-end systems and applications.