Designed for the rigors of healthcare, Sfax enables customers to send, receive, annotate, digitally sign, and manage faxes without printing a single physical document.


About the company

With its ease of use, immediacy of delivery, and universal accessibility, faxing is here to stay. Designed for the rigors of healthcare, Sfax is the best alternative to traditional faxing. Customers can send, receive, annotate, digitally sign, and manage faxes without printing a
single physical document. All their documents are stored on encrypted cloud-based servers. Nothing is ever stored on a local hard drive or server, where they run the risk of compromising data security.

Sfax provides healthcare providers with a host of tools to help limit tedious and time-consuming manual processes and paper, to improve their document workflow. They can control access, track usage, and protect documents and data and get going from $9/month or $89/year.


Our third generation of Sfax delivers powerful, secure cloud faxing from any web browser, desktop, on the go and through our API.
Securely send, receive, annotate, digitally sign and manage faxes to eliminate manual processes and paper.

- Unlimited ports. Send and receive as many faxes at a time without restriction – no busy signals. Never miss a referral.
- Admin controls. Administrators have full control to manage users, set access, permissions, security settings and generate reports.
- Print to fax. Sending your fax is as easy as printing a document. Using Windows or Mac, simply select ‘print’ to open Sfax to annotate, sign, and send your PHI. Saves steps and saves time.
- Audit trails & activity tracking. A complete audit trail is generated for all the activity that occurs on each document for full HIPAA-compliance
- Annotations & digital signature. Make notes, redact information and sign documents; add marks and checks to quickly and easily review, annotate and fax PHI.
- Contact management & folders. Create private contacts or share them across your organization, and organize into groups for easy access. Contact lists prevent users from dialing wrong numbers which could result in PHI ending up in the wrong hands.
- Mobility. Run Sfax from any web browser on any device so you can send and receive faxes in the field. Send and receive faxes on the go with our mobile app for iOS.
- Download service. All of your faxes will download securely to your Windows desktop or server so that you don’t have to log into the web portal to view/download your faxes.
- API. Get secure, compliant, cloud-based faxing using our RESTful API within your software application.


In this breach-prone world, we take privacy and security incredibly seriously, using every precaution to make sure your confidential
information stays that way.

- Safeguards. We apply administrative, technical and physical safeguards to support your organization’s compliance with HIPAA, including executing Business Associate Agreements (BAA).
- Encryption. All documents are protected with strong encryption in transfer with 256-bit TLS and multi-layered encryption at rest with 256-bit AES.
- Authentication. Two-factor (Password, PIN), independent authentication. Customizable role-based permissions, IP restricted access. Automatic logoff during inactivity.
- Physical security. Our application servers, storage arrays, databases and ancillary equipment are housed in state-of-the-art SSAE16 Type II secured facilities with redundant hardware, power and internet connectivity.

Faxing is a universal method of document exchange in healthcare. We target small to medium providers across the board including:

- Physicians and clinics. Physicians and Office Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and save money. Sfax’s cloud faxing service achieves both.
- Hospitals. Hospitals have enormous challenges in handling faxing. Sfax eliminate the nuisance of manual processes and paper.
- Home heath and hospice. Sfax delivers flexibility for home health and hospice professionals in their offices and on the go.
- Medical billing companies. Medical billing companies are flocking to Sfax in embrace our industry-leading performance, image quality and reliability to meet their specific needs.
- DME. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies rely on Sfax to receive requests for equipment and respond to those requests at a lower cost.
- Labs. We have a bunch of labs who rely on Sfax every hour of every day to get results processed quickly and reliably is fundamental to effectiveness.
- EHRs. Sfax is used with many of the top Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions in the US either alongside the application or integrated into the EHR itself.
- Pharmacies. With Sfax you can receive prescriptions via our web portal, into a folder on your network and use our service along with 3rd party applications.
- IT consultants. A plethora of healthcare solutions across the US have integrated Sfax including homecare applications, ePrescribing and billing solutions and provide a HIPAA-compliant audit trail.

Sfax was first developed in 2008 and sold to J2 Global (now Consensus) in 2017.