XDOC is a powerful, scalable, and feature-rich web-based Enterprise Document Management application for the mortgage industry.


About the company

XDOC is a powerful, scalable, and feature-rich web-based Enterprise Document Management application. The top XDOC top customers are either FinTech companies or bank and financial institutions that service the Mortgage industry.

XDOC delivers a paperless experience and value performance, workflow, and security at a lower starting cost than competitors, rich feature-set, flexibility of deployment and administration.

Today’s lenders face increased regulations, and intensified pressure to create zero-defect loans and data security requirements. XDOC helps lenders, banks and credit unions save time and money by improving workflows, reducing paper and making documents accessible with powerful search and filtering.

XDOC has integration capabilities that unlock compliance, security and workflow features not afforded by stand-alone systems. It has flexible admin controls so organizations can define their own workflow and user definitions. XDOC is scalable across multiple locations and ready to go ‘out of the box’ or can be integrated quickly into an existing loan origination system.


- Web-based. A web-based application that performs like a desktop application.
- Bundle. Group loans into bundles.
- Capture. Capture documents via Print, Scan, or Upload.
- Enterprise-Grade Security. HTTPS, Encryption, Page-level and time-based privacy settings, HIPAA ready.
- Annotations. Annotate directly on the web document.
- Search. Extensive and highly configurable search capability and filtering.
- On-Premise or Axacore Cloud. Either way, our team will help get you up and running.
- Document Conversion. Get universal document conversion between different document types.
- Drag and Drop. Drag and drop capabilities for easy document management.
- Automation. Categorize documents based on industry standard barcodes.
- Performance. Saving time matters. Get snappy screen response even during peak periods.
- APIs. Experience easy-to-use and powerful XDOC APIs for major functions. Built by developers for developers.
- Integrate. XDOC has a deep integration with major Loan Origination Systems (LOS).
- Premium Support. Experience direct US-based support team.

We acquired XDOC from San Diego, CA, company Axacore, Inc. on Jan 1, 2015 and sold it to the Perseus Group, part of Constellation Software, on Oct 27, 2022. The transition completed Apr 26, 2023.